APET and PVC baking molds

by Gabriel de Boutique Petit

The exceptional advantages of our molds for professional pastry chefs

Custom design of baking molds

When our standard molds do not meet your specific needs, we offer you the possibility of creating your own mold models. Whether for a few molds or mass production, our team of experts will support you in all stages of custom design. Experience custom design excellence.

To make a request Sketch of tailor-made personalized mold

APET plastic molds: a multitude of advantages

The main advantage of disposable thermoformed plastic molds is their ease and speed of use. Thanks to the non-stick quality of the plastic at low temperatures, unmolding becomes child's play.

With our disposable pastry molds, you can devote yourself fully to your daily production without fear of unpleasant surprises. They allow you to easily make all your cakes. Our molds offer the advantage of finding the perfect balance between productivity and competitiveness. Whether you need a small series or a larger production, we have many options to support you in all your projects.

Log molds: a variety of choices

On our online store, enjoy a wide choice of molds to make wonderful Christmas logs. Whether they are different shapes, sizes or styles, we invite you to discover some examples from our collection of log molds.

Triangle plastic log mold

Log mold - Marbled triangle GM N°5

Half round log mold

Log mold - Half round GM N°1

Sabot log mold

Log mold - Sabot PM N°15


Dessert molds: a variety of shapes and styles

Whether you need round, half-spherical or crown-shaped dessert molds, we have a complete range of molds to make perfect cakes. With our expertise since 1973 in the design of thermoformed molds, we are here to support you in all your creative projects.

Heart dessert mold

Dessert molds - Heart

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Round dessert mold

Dessert molds - Round

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Square dessert mold

Dessert molds - Square

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Frame molds: a wide range of choices

Explore our wide selection of frame molds and find the model that suits your needs. In addition, we have recently developed a range of structural sheets specially designed to make your daily life easier. Opt for the practicality and quality of our frame molds.

Pastry frame mold with chocolate bar structure

Frame mold - H35 “Shelf” structure base

Pastry frame mold

Frame molds

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Leaf structure frame

Frame structure sheets

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Macaron wedges: showcase your creativity

Our macaron trays and trays are designed to enhance your creations. Made from durable transparent plastic, our macaron displays showcase your products with elegance and delicacy. Easy to move and put back in place, they also allow you to effectively clean your window without risk of contamination. Combining aesthetics, hygiene and practicality, our macaron displays are a removable decorative solution.

Display for 35 macarons

Wedging for 35 macarons

Wedging for 12 macarons

Wedging for 12 macarons

Storage tray for 49 macarons

Presentation tray 49 macarons


Individual dessert molds on trays: for perfect little treats

For your gourmet creations in small quantities, we offer a complete range of molds allowing mass production in a simple and efficient manner. The tray molds are specially designed to make your daily task easier. Whether for hearts, domes or cubes, you will find numerous references to discover in our online store. Opt for the quality and practicality of our individual tray dessert molds.

Individual heart dessert mold

Individual dessert tray - 6 Mini-Heart molds

Individual dessert mold

Individual dessert tray - 15 round dessert molds

Individual cube dessert mold

Individual dessert tray - 6 Mini-Cube molds


Discover our wide range of professional baking molds on our online store and benefit from the excellence and expertise of Boutique Petit since 1973.