Paillettes plastique économie circulaire

1. Action for the environment

1.1. Eco-design of products and circular economy
  • Reduction of material thicknesses in agreement with the customer.
  • Prioritization of the use of recyclable single-materials for better integration into recycling sectors.
  • Integration of recycled plastic materials into the composition of our thermoformed products (obtaining the More Label).
    1.2. Minimize resource consumption
  • Grinding of raw material waste for recycling within the group and by other companies.
  • Energy optimization program for the 3 sites and production machines (and calorie recovery).
  • Optimization of tools to reduce machine adjustment times and thus avoid material loss.
    1.3. Minimize resource consumption
  • Project for an extrusion plant on the Nersac site under study (grinding of APET scraps to produce recycled material – self-consumption operation).
  • Two photovoltaic energy production projects under study (including self-consumption).
    1.4. Limit pollution and nuisance as much as possible
  • Waste management and reduction (participation in European Waste Reduction Week).
  • Raw material supplies only in Europe.
  • Measures to reduce CO2 emissions (raising awareness of carpooling, participation in European Mobility Week, videoconference meetings, possibility of teleworking).
  • Politique RSE - bien être collaborateurs

    2. Ensure the well-being of employees

    2.1. Guarantee the health and safety of employees Continuous improvement of the ergonomics of workstations (e.g.: elimination of arduousness and non-contributory tasks, prevention of risks linked to working on a screen). Installation of automated external defibrillators (AED) on the 3 sites. Participation in the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Construction of a 4.0 factory in Charente and progressive application of the Industry 4.0 program on the other production sites.2.2. Promote parity, diversity, inclusion Management of parity within the group, including on the management committee. Adaptation of positions in favor of diversity. Participation in job dating dedicated to the recruitment of people with disabilities (participation in European Disability Week).
    Equipe PETIT

    3. Being an actor in our territories

    3.1. Maintain a relationship of trust with our suppliers
  • Selection, wherever possible, of local suppliers.
  • Loyalty of relationships with our strategic suppliers.

    All of these commitments are the subject of an action plan managed by the person responsible for CSR development and the CSR COPIL, and involves all of the group's employees.
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