Easter: themes and trends for 2024

by Lucile Tinchant

Faithful to tradition, pastry chefs and chocolatiers have gone all out to make the 2024 Easter celebrations a memorable moment for the eyes and taste buds. The essential signature eggs from the big houses rubbed shoulders with more offbeat and daring subjects and we really liked that ♥!

This year, among the major trends and recurring themes of Easter , we noted:

- Sport , Olympic Games oblige. The Easter subjects dressed in their most beautiful chocolate jogging pants for the pole vaulting, surfing or running events.

- Trompe l'oeil : the eggs imitate plant materials, objects, works of art, which give them a more realistic appearance. A desire to return to basics, authenticity and beauty in its purest form? We validate!

- Rock n' roll 🤘 . Even if rabbits, chicks and little fish are still popular (but noooo not just with grannies!), many of you pastry chefs have proposed subjects with a more rock look and attitude. Like a desire to shake up the ambient gloom and give pep and a touch of madness to your creations?

Here is our little favorite selection of trendy Easter 2024 topics and eggs, which must have pleased foodies of all ages 😋

Trendy Easter topics for 2024

Board sports by Aurélien, artisan pastry chef Chicken from Rouw’s pastry shop Easter fish by Matyasy
Marguerite by Arnaud Larher Marcel by Thierry Bamas Rock range by Vincent Guerlais
Frédéric Hawecker's farm Pastry chef at Oberweis The athlete by Alban Guilmet
The adventurers of Pâtisserie Moutarlier The whale of Edwart chocolatier Paris Animals by Jean Pierre Godier

Trendy Easter eggs for 2024

Egg The sailor's basket Maison Le Roux Egg Nut Adrien Bozzolo Egg Impressionism Van Gogh by Lucas Spinelli Praline egg by Nicolas Paciello
Vincent Vallée butterfly egg Egg against the clock by Nicolas Loiseau Boiled egg Sébastien Brocard Hatching Egg by Anne Coruble
Holy egg by Maxence Barbot Paradox collection by Pierre Hermé Trompe l'oeil eggs by Christophe Michalak Nest box egg by Nicolas Multon
Pine cone egg by Fabrice Fernandes Egg in Bloom by Michael Bartocetti Signature nest egg by Julien Alvarez Naraé Kim's Jeweled Egg