The 2022 yule logs of the great pastry chefs

by Gabriel de Boutique Petit

2022 opens with great surprises: The yule logs of the great chefs

As baking experts, we are thrilled to bring you the most remarkable creations from top chefs for the holiday season. The traditional Yule log has been reinvented by the greatest pastry talents, who have combined original flavors and creative shapes to delight the taste buds. From December to January, tasting these delicious logs is more recommended than ever.

Let's discover together these exceptional creations:

  • Matthieu Carlin, pastry chef at the Hôtel de Crillon, presents a yule log in the shape of a sled. Based on a dark chocolate structure, it contains a dacquoise biscuit with roasted and salted Piedmont hazelnuts, a fromage blanc mousse, a marmalade and a lemon cream. A milk jam completes this delicious creation.

      Christmas log 2022 by mathieu carlin
        • François Perret, crowned best pastry chef in the world in 2021, revisits the yule log with a chocolate tree made of a light and cocoa-flavored biscuit. Accompanied by a caramelized almond praline and a subtle chocolate mousse, this dessert will amaze young and old alike.

          Christmas log 2022 by François Peret
            • Chef Nicolas Guercio innovates with an original creation: a trompe-l'oeil yule log reminiscent of a tangerine placed in a Christmas slipper. This sweet creation combines a light tangerine, a soft chocolate gluten-free cookie and a dark chocolate crisp. A mandarin crème brûlée, a Valrhona 64% dark chocolate mousse and a mandarin jelly enhance the flavors of this dessert.

                Christmas log 2022 by Nicolas Guercio
                  • And how not to mention Cédric Grolet's yule log for Le Meurice? A gourmet creation in the shape and flavors of lemon, with a fresh composition combining three varieties of lemons. A refreshing and elegant dessert

                  Christmas log 2022 by Cedric Grolet

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