The Best Baking Molds Praised by Professionals

by Gabriel de Boutique Petit

In baking, the quality of the molds is important to obtain perfect results. But do you know which plastic molds are most appreciated by our customers, pastry professionals, to create their individual desserts, logs and cakes?

Here is the selection of the best baking molds, acclaimed by professional users, whether they are Pastry Chefs, MOF (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France), pastry trainers, etc. These molds are in fact among PETIT's best-sellers, because they allow you to make both the great classics of pastry but also more original cakes, thanks to standard format molds allowing great freedom in creation. Are you looking to equip yourself with standard pastry molds?

Discover the 3 categories of plastic molds and their best-selling sizes.

1. Round Dessert Molds

Height 4cm and 4.5cm, Ø 14, 16, 18, 20cm

The 14 to 20cm dessert molds are essential in the lab of professional pastry chefs: they allow you to make cakes of 4 to 8 portions, the most sold in stores. In heights of 4cm and 4.5cm, they allow you to create elegant and generously portioned desserts; the height of the mold allows several layers of preparations to be superimposed: it's up to you to vary between biscuits, sponge cake, shortbread, creams and other crispy or fruity inserts, to find the right balance in terms of visual presentation in the window, when cutting and in terms of taste.

With diameters ranging from 14cm to 20cm, these molds offer great versatility for all kinds of sweet creations.

These high-quality plastic molds are designed to resist freezing, and their easy release ensures a perfect presentation of your desserts, without any risk of damaging them.

See the round dessert molds

Filling a baking mold with chocolate mousse

2. The U-shaped or “Half-round” Log Mold

The reference model for logs

The U-shaped or "half-round" log mold is a great pastry classic, ideal for making traditional Christmas logs. Its length of 50cm allows you to produce generous logs in large format, which can then be divided into 4, 6 or 8 pieces: perfect formats for parties and events.

The plastic log molds are designed with great attention to detail, providing easy release and a smooth surface, ready for impeccable icing and decorating. Once frozen, simply pour lukewarm water into the skirt of the mold to instantly unmold it.

See the log molds

Lining the edges of the large U log mold

3. Frame Molds

Height 4cm and 4.5cm

Plastic frame molds are essential for professional pastry chefs: in addition to the productivity allowed by the creation of large format desserts, they have the advantage, once unmolded, of being able to be cut into a multitude of sizes (squares, rectangles or slices). individual).

Here again, the 4cm and 4.5cm heights offer the possibility of superimposing different layers of preparations and textures, while allowing you to benefit from a standard mold height, easy to store in the freezer.

See the frame molds

Assembling a dessert frame

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