The 5 advantages of the disposable recycled plastic mold

by Gabriel de Boutique Petit

The undeniable advantages of disposable plastic molds

As experts in professional baking mold manufacturing, we would like to highlight the many advantages of disposable plastic molds. Made in France by Boutique Petit, these molds offer a practical and economical solution for professionals. Here's why they're a smart choice:

  • Easy release: Thanks to their tearability, unmoulding pastries is child's play. No more wasted time and raw materials caused by failed unmolding. With our disposable molds you can work with pleasure and efficiency.

  • Optimized productivity: Disposable molds allow simultaneous production of pastries at low cost. Unlike reusable steel or silicone molds which can deform over time, our disposable molds guarantee trouble-free use. They help you maintain a good balance between productivity and competitiveness.

  • Compatibility with the cold room: Whether frozen logs, strawberries or desserts, our disposable plastic molds are suitable for all your recipes. Their design allows them to be used in cold rooms, thus facilitating unmolding straight from the freezer.

  • Creative possibilities: Disposable thermoformed plastic molds offer a wide variety of shapes to satisfy your cake design desires. Tendril, facets, daisy or even heart shape, give free rein to your imagination. If you even want to design a custom mold, our design office is at your disposal.

  • Ease of recycling: Unlike reusable silicone or steel molds, disposable plastic molds are easier to recycle. They represent an effective and economical solution, while reducing their environmental impact. At Boutique Petit, we are proud to offer pastry molds made from plastic containing up to 70% recycled materials, coming only from European sources. We are committed to minimizing their carbon footprint.

Choose disposable molds made from recycled plastic for practical, economical and environmentally friendly baking. La Boutique Petit, your trusted partner since 1973, offers you superior quality pastry solutions.

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