Our thermoformed molds for professionals

by Gabriel de Boutique Petit

Boutique Petit, thermoformed pastry molds for professionals

Thermoformed pastry molds

Specialist in thermoformed molds for artisan pastry chefs, Boutique Petit offers you a wide range of professional pastry molds for your pastry creations. Let’s quickly talk about all the benefits of thermoforming. Easy to use, economical and recyclable, the thermoformed mold is an essential pastry accessory for your pastry creations.

The advantages of our thermoformed pastry molds

Thermoforming allows you to make all kinds of pastry molds, from the simplest to the most complex. It has no size, shape or even color limit. Dessert mold, pastry frame mold, cake mold, fancy dessert mold, individual dessert mold, log mold… we offer you professional quality pastry molds.

Thermoforming of pastry molds

This technique allows serial production to be carried out quickly and easily.

Thermoforming is widely used in the food sector, because the results obtained are not damaged when unmolded and allow you to be flexible in the designs offered to your customers.

From an environmental point of view, this technique allows us to use sufficient material to create the necessary parts, which avoids unnecessary waste of plastic. In case there are scraps, they are crushed for reuse.

A baking tool to boost your productivity

Thermoforming makes it possible to produce all types of pastry molds, whether simple or complex. It's an easy solution to upgrade your window, by presenting pastries worthy of a baking competition. Good news, thermoforming is possible for all types of cakes: dessert mold, pastry frame mold, cake mold, fancy dessert mold, individual dessert mold , log mold, etc.

Example of thermoformed cake mold

A zero-waste mold, easy to recycle

So, what exactly is thermoforming? It is a manufacturing technique that uses plastic to mass produce standard or custom molds. Their manufacture is simple and quick. That's why it's economical. Plus, there is no unnecessary waste of plastic. You too can recycle your baking molds after use.

How are our baking molds made?

Using a thermoformed mold

Thermoforming is a technique for creating a food-standard plastic mold of different thicknesses according to customer request. To obtain this type of mold, the plastic is heated so that it matches the shape of the desired mold impression and then left to cool so that the mold hardens.

Our team of experts creates molds worthy of the chef in you.

Our thermoformed cake molds obviously comply with current food standards. We use raw materials containing up to 70% recycled materials, sourced in France or Europe only.

First of all, you need to create the impression of your mold! We sell standard baking molds in our store, but our design office is at your disposal to design custom pieces. Then it's up to you to create your recipe and delight your customers with a breathtaking cake decoration.

The thermoformed mold, a simple to use mold for your cakes

Our thermoformed molds are easy and quick to use. This type of mold ensures the simplest unmolding and thermoforming ensures good flexibility.

Now that you know everything about our pastry molds, order from our online store too.

How to use a thermoformed mold?

There is nothing more simple. Our thermoformed molds are practical and easy to use. Your plastic mold can be placed in a cold room (positive or negative cold). Demoulding is easy and eliminates loss of raw material. Discover a wide range of professional quality thermoformed molds in our store. We are at your disposal for any sample request.