The 2024 guide to unmissable pastry events

by Lucile Tinchant
2024 pastry calendar

The year 2024 promises to be rich in events and celebrations that will highlight the sweet art in all its forms. Spotting important dates in the calendar is essential to staying connected with current trends, innovations and celebrations that punctuate the world of pastry, chocolate and ice cream.

In our 2024 calendar of pastry events not to be missed, we have compiled for you an exhaustive list of the highlights of the year. From official holidays to world days that can inspire you, through trade fairs around the sweet arts, each occasion is a unique opportunity to celebrate, learn and share your passion for pastry, or to communicate around it. event on your social networks.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • participate in national exhibitions where the latest innovations in pastry are revealed,
  • offer thematic days linked to current news
  • organize special events in your establishment linked to these celebrations to attract your customers.

Our 2024 calendar, available at the end of this article as a PDF download , is designed to help you plan your year taking these key events into account. It's an essential tool for optimizing your production, planning your creations and special offers, and ensuring you don't miss any opportunity to shine in the world of pastry.

Stay ahead of the curve, take inspiration from current trends, and take advantage of each event to enrich your experience and that of your customers. Download your 2024 calendar of unmissable pastry events now ↓

Pastry events in January 2024

La galette des Rois, bakery and pastry fairs, Blue Monday...

January 2024 Calendar

Pastry events in February 2024

The start of the carnival season, Shrove Tuesday, Valentine's Day and winter holidays.

February 2024

Pastry events in March 2024

Spring, Grandmother's Day, Ramadan, artisanal ice cream day and of course Easter, a family celebration and a highlight in pastry - chocolate making.

March 2024

Pastry events in April 2024

The Easter holidays, Eid and Passover, my gastronomy festival or even the Paris marathon: events that can inspire you.

April 2024

Pastry events in May 2024

International Pastry Day, Mother's Day, Neighbors' Day, cakes to offer for unique occasions during the year.

May 2024

Pastry events in June 2024

Father's Day, start of summer, World Hunger Day: opportunities to communicate and share your sweet delights.

June 2024

Pastry events in July 2024

Start of the summer holidays, the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, national holiday, here are the events for July:

July 2024

Pastry events in August 2024

In August, the month of big vacation departures traditionally in France, we focus on humor with World Beer or Left-handed Day (besides, is there a day dedicated to right-handers??!).

August 2024

Pastry events in September 2024

With the start of the school year, the international day of charity, beard, peace, or the gastronomy festival, or even the world clean up day are all opportunities to communicate, act and share your news.

, September 2024

Pastry events in October 2024

With Grandfather's Day, Festival of Smiles, World Chocolate and Coffee Day, Paris Chocolate Fair, Halloween, October is a month rich in celebrations.

October 2024

Pastry events in November 2024

World Day of interns, students, singles, fight against poverty, Sainte Catherine and even Beaujolais Nouveau: opportunities to get together in November, and do good around you by sharing a good cake ;)!

November 2024

Pastry events in December 2024

The month of generosity and solidarity, but also of large family tables for the end-of-year celebrations with Christmas and New Year's Eve, around which the log or dessert takes pride of place!

December 2024

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