Starter kit: the essential molds for opening a new pastry shop

by Lucile Tinchant
Starter kit: equipment before opening your pastry shop

When you launch your pastry shop, (besides the administrative procedures ;)) one of the most important challenges is to equip yourself effectively without exhausting the initial budget of your project. Understanding which molds to choose and where to find them can be a headache, especially when you're looking to combine quality, variety and cost. What problems do you have to face, which molds are most suitable for starting your pastry business, follow the guide ↓!

Challenges before opening your pastry shop

Are you about to open your own pastry shop? Well done !!! Your journey must not have been easy, but you are holding up well!

To help you get off to a good start, here are some key points not to overlook:

  • Low-cost equipment, high value : When starting out, the goal is to minimize expenses while ensuring that quality is not compromised. Opt for molds that offer the best value for money, allowing you to produce quality pastries without increasing your budget.

  • One supplier, many options : Finding a single supplier who offers a diverse range of mold sizes and formats is essential. This simplifies the ordering process, ensures consistency in the quality of the molds you use, while simplifying your production processes: the techniques are the same regardless of the molds used.

  • Professional equipment for professional quality : equipping yourself with professional quality molds is crucial. They must resist freezing without generating excess frost, maintain good stability when filling to avoid deformed cakes, and guarantee consistent and perfect results when unmolded, a key element in establishing the reputation of your pastry.

  • Optimization of productivity : choose molds designed to optimize your productivity. Molds that are easy to use and quick to set up already save minutes in production. To be able to continue production, opt for disposable molds: you will not have to wait for them to be cleaned before proceeding with the next production. When we do not yet have teams and personnel in quantity, it is essential to optimize production efficiency; In this, plastic molds are your best allies.

Plastic molds: perfect for starting a business

Are you ready to start producing your first pastries? To help you start your business, without breaking the bank on equipment, we studied and surveyed the purchases of professional pastry chefs who, like you, were about to start their business.

Why did they choose plastic molds to start their business?

Here are the testimonials we have collected from pastry chefs who have recently set up shop:

  • “I had never used plastic but I wanted to equip myself with inexpensive molds; the reviews were good so I decided to try.”
  • “I used this type of mold at my former boss and I am convinced that it is the best solution, so I am equipping myself with them.”
  • “It was a trainer who used them and recommended them to us during a pastry course, so I didn’t look for anything else.”
  • "I wanted to equip myself with quite a few sizes, but silicone and stainless steel are very expensive; with your molds I found all the sizes I needed, at a low price"
  • “I find that the results are cleaner than with stainless steel molds, so when it came time to equip myself I didn’t hesitate”
  • “I was looking for molds made in France, and it’s rather rare, or we don’t know the origin”
  • I didn't want a disposable mold, but finally I succumbed, and I reuse them; They cost me much less than other types of molds"

Starter kit: which molds to choose?

Here is the list of plastic molds which are among the best sellers among pastry chefs who are equipping themselves with equipment for the first time; They allow you to make all the essential cakes and desserts to present in the store or to fulfill customer orders.

Round desserts Round desserts : molds height 4 and 4.5cm are the most ordered, in diameters ranging from 14 to 20cm. They allow you to make 4 to 9-part desserts, best-sellers in stores.
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plastic frame mold Frame molds : frames height 3.5, 4 and 4.5cm are the most requested. They allow you to make large format desserts, to be cut into the desired format: either into individual portions, or into cakes to share, or for large format cakes ordered for special occasions. PETIT offers two formats: GM (Large Model) with interior dimensions 57.6x37.6cm, and PM (Small Model) with interior dimensions 56.5x36.2cm.
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Plastic log mold Logs : if there are three essential models, they are the U-shaped log or " half-round log ", the "flat bottom" log which is slightly curved at the top to facilitate the removal of poaching and other decors, and the square log , with a modern and timeless design. To complete the "GM (Large Model) logs, pastry chefs also equip themselves with the log insert mold : it allows the inserts to be made upstream, to be placed in the large model molds.
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plastic fancy mold Fancy molds : also, to offer cakes with more original shapes or to have the right equipment for one-off celebrations (Valentine's Day, Easter, etc.), "young" pastry chefs also often order molds with fancy shapes: half-shaped molds sphere , heart mold, egg-shaped mold ,...

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