Magic and indulgence for the end of the year

by Gabriel de Boutique Petit

A year-end filled with magic and indulgence!

As baking experts, we immerse you in the bewitching atmosphere of Halloween. This year, give free rein to your creativity and delight young and old alike with terrifying creations. Sugar paste decorations, stencils with horrific motifs, marbled mirror glaze... The possibilities are endless to scare and amaze your guests.

Bet on chocolate flavors and dare seasonal fruits such as pumpkin and pumpkin to bring an original touch to your creations.

Here are some of our terrifying inspirations:

cemetery cake

A simple recipe that involves the youngest. A sponge cake covered with chocolate icing, cat's tongues serving as tombstones and biscuit sticks to delimit the space. Give free rein to your imagination to create the scariest scenography possible!

The layer cake of darkness

A 100% dark chocolate delight that will seduce your guests during the vampire ball. Decorate this sumptuous cake with delicate poached meringues to create little ghosts that will enhance it.

The carrot & butternut cake

An autumnal simplicity that will delight all lovers of authentic flavors. Topped with walnuts and cashews, this sham cake will amaze your guests with its looks and flavors.

Special halloween pastries

With all these tempting ideas, all you have to do is get cooking!

Let us tell you the story of the traditional Yule log, a true symbol of conviviality and sharing. In the past, to celebrate the winter solstice, a huge log was burned in the family hearth. She represented the family and the transmission. Today, the Christmas log is an emblematic dessert, a real gourmet roll that recalls the shape of this ancestral log. Christmas desserts were once rich in ingredients, symbols of fertility and a prosperous future.

Now it's up to you to create your own version of the traditional end-of-year log! At Boutique Petit, we have selected our best molds to accompany you in this pastry adventure. Opt for the traditional Bûche n°1 Demi Rond, bring a touch of elegance with the Bûche n°22 Rondelle mould, or give free rein to your creativity with the Bûche n°2 Flat bottom mould. With our quality molds, you are definitely equipped to amaze the palates of the most demanding gourmets.

At Boutique Petit, we are the guardians of taste and pastry perfection. Join us in this quest for delights and enjoy our exceptional baking moulds.