How to Surf the Pastry Trends

by Lucile Tinchant

In the world of pastry and high pastry, although the timeless classics remain sure values ​​in the art of French pastry, the constant search for new trends and uses is essential to stay up to date. The competition is intense, and to stand out in this creative field, it is essential to stay abreast of the latest developments.

Here are the reasons why following trends in pastry is imperative, as well as the different ways to stay informed and inspired in this gourmet universe!

Why following trends in pastry is essential?

For a passionate baker, the routine of making the same cakes every day can be the worst pain. Restricting creativity and not evolving with customer expectations can hinder success and recognition.

Here's why it's crucial to follow baking trends:

  • Customer satisfaction: Consumer tastes and preferences are constantly changing. By offering innovative and current creations, pastry chefs can satisfy the changing desires of their customers and maintain their interest.
  • Differentiation: With increased competition, standing out is essential. By taking inspiration from current trends, pastry chefs can create unique desserts that will attract attention and build customer loyalty.
  • The search for excellence: Ambitious pastry chefs are always looking to improve their know-how, combining techniques, creation, flavors... By exploring new trends, they can enrich their skills and offer new high-quality creations.
  • Inspiration and creativity: Following trends allows pastry chefs to tap into an infinite source of inspiration, stimulating their creativity and allowing them to explore new horizons of taste.

What are the means to be interested in trends in pastry?

Culinary Fairs and Events

Trade shows and culinary events are a must to discover the latest trends in pastry. These meeting places bring together the best pastry chefs and experts in the sector, offering the opportunity to exchange ideas and discover innovations.

For example, every year in the fall, the Salon du Chocolat takes place, an event where chocolatiers, pastry chefs, confectioners, cocoa producers, big brands, food bloggers meet to share their passion. Or the Salon de la Pâtisserie which takes place in June in the Paris region.

Salon du chocolat: Presentation of dresses made with chocolate

Magazines and specialist journals

Publications dedicated to pastry are a wealth of information on emerging trends. Many magazines offer articles, interviews with Chefs and MOFs, recipes and reports on the novelties of the sweet world.

Subscription to specialized magazines such as "Le Journal du Pâtissier", "Fou de Pâtisserie", "Honoré Le Mag" or "So Good" to follow the latest innovations in the field.

Also remember to subscribe to their accounts on social networks to see what is happening on a daily basis. A good way to sniff out new trends!

Pastry magazines

Pastry training and courses

Professional training and pastry courses are an ideal way to perfect your skills and become familiar with the latest techniques and trends: revisiting desserts, creating artistic pieces, balancing flavors and textures, vegan desserts, sweets, confectionery, craftsmanship, sugar, pastillage, chocolate... the themes are endless! Many schools and institutes offer specific programs adapted to the needs of professional pastry chefs.

Participation in pastry classes, sometimes given by great Pastry Chefs, MOFs or starred chefs, also allows you to interact with other participants. Share with your colleagues, exchange good practices: suppliers of ingredients, equipment, techniques, etc., it is also a way to stay up to date.

Pastry chefs in training

Social networks

Social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and even Tiktok for the hippest among you, are inexhaustible sources of baking inspiration. Many pastry chefs share their creations and their tips online daily, thus offering direct access to the latest trends: reels in particular, short video formats, allow you to follow the assembly of a dessert step by step.

Of course you can follow the big names in pastry for inspiration, but don't neglect the amateur pastry chefs who can introduce you to techniques, decorations or trendy desserts, to allow you to stay up to date on trends. . To follow them, target the hashtags #Instafood or #Pastry, for example.

#Pastry result on instagram

personal experiences

Observing trends is an art and a necessity for pastry chefs, but you can also be an actor in these trends: your travels, your walks, your encounters, your tasting experiences in restaurants, during fairs or themed visits gastronomy are all moments that inspire your creations.

Open your eyes and ears wide, observe shapes, appreciate textures and tastes, and listen to your emotions to imagine new combinations of flavors, combinations and decorations.

And maybe the trend of tomorrow, it's you who will inspire it?!

Man eating in restaurant

For pastry chefs, following trends in pastry is much more than a simple choice: it is a necessity to remain competitive and continue to surprise customers' pupils and taste buds. Keeping up to date with developments in the sector offers the opportunity to enrich one's creativity and explore new flavors and textures. By using the various means available, pastry chefs can position themselves as true pastry artists, always in search of innovation and improvement. So, don't let yourself be left behind by trends, and embark on a sweet journey to the heart of the most fashionable creations of contemporary pastry!

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